MMA Workout for Developing EXPLOSIVE Power

Jul 13, 2019

In this video, I show you one of my personal MMA workouts for developing explosive power!

Circuit 1

Set 1: Jumping Lunges w/ Kettlebell (30-40 seconds)

Rest 1-3 minutes

Set 2: Flipping Heavy Bag (30-40 seconds)
Rest 1-3 minutes

Set 3: Roundhouse Kicks on Heavy Bag (burn out 40-60 seconds)

Rest 8 - 15 minutes

Circuit 2

Set 1: Kettlebell Swing (30-40 seconds)

Rest 1-3 minutes

Set 2: Battle Ropes (30-40 seconds)
Rest 1-3 minutes

Set 3: Explosive Push ups (30-40 seconds)

Rest 8-15 minutes

Circuit 3

Set 1: Sprints (30-40 seconds

Rest 1-3 minutes

Set 2: Shadowbox  (40-60 seconds)

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5 Pad Holding Tips/Tricks For Better MMA Training

Apr 20, 2019

In this video,  I will be showing 5 pad holding tips & tricks that I personally make sure I use when I am holding for a student to get them the best MMA training in that pad session. You can use these tips whether you are an experienced instructor, a new instructor, or a student training with another student!

If you are interested in upping your MMA, kickboxing, Muay Thai, wrestling or jiu jitsu game, you should invest in The MMA Striker.



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PRO MMA Fighter Strength & Conditioning Workout

Apr 06, 2019

I have been visiting Tristar Gym in Montreal every Tuesday indefinitely to be part of Aiemann Zahabi's fight camp for his UFC fight in May. After my sparring session last Tuesday, I dropped by pro fighter Xavier Alaoui's gym, 360 Punch, for a strength & conditioning session. I was obviously very tired after my session at Tristar, so forgive me for my lack of technique! Nonetheless, it's a very effective and tough workout that some of the pros use! Below is the workout breakdown: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Warm up Exercise 1: Step in, step out (with resistance bands around ankles and knees)

Exercise 2: Wide walk (with resistance bands around ankles and knees) Exercise 3: Side walk (with resistance bands around ankles and knees)

Circuit 1

Exercise 1: One leg box step up (8-10 reps with a vest, followed by 6 explosive jump reps with no vest)

Exercise 2: Wall ball throw (6 reps as hard as you can)

Exercise 3: Farmer's...

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