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I am a martial artist and athlete currently signed with ONE Championship. I love sharing my passion for the sport with others. I began training in Muay Thai when I was 15, and have since accumulated an amateur record of 24-2, and professional record of 3-1. I have been lucky enough to train all around the world with superstars like, Saenchai, Petchboonchu, GSP, and John Wayne Parr.

"Just started - for future readers, get on this shit early! Every purchase that rewards Jeff paves the way for big projects like this. No content is being missed out because at the end of the lesson video, there is a button that takes you straight to the next lesson page. The best part is that Jeff responds and personally engages with his audience; almost no other martial artist is as dynamic and involved as he is." - Dong J. Lee
"This course is straight up 🔥🔥🔥! I've gotten to take a look at it and it's seriously next level stuff that's perfect for those looking to improve their striking game for MMA. Well done!" - Sean Fagan, Muay Thai Guy

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"I've mentioned it before in your past posts, but your ability to mimic and apply both Cruz and Dillashaw style footwork/angles is my personal favourite thing about your style. Can't wait to read about it!" - @the_kid_rumble
"I love it, it's amazing. It's like Gracie Combatives but a better MMA Version of it and with real-time sparring. Can't wait to get it 🔥🔥" - @rising.fate

"In 2 short years, Jeff became the #1 Asian MMA YouTuber for a reason. He blew this course out of the water. If you want to become a better striker in MMA, this is a must have." - Lawrence Kenshin, Striking Breakdowns


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