3 Unorthodox Double Leg Takedown Setups

Nov 20, 2019


In this video, I show 3 of my personal favourite unorthodox double leg takedown set ups! These set ups work very well for me because I have a stronger double leg takedown shooting from the southpaw stance, but I strike better in the orthodox stance. So while these setups may work really well for me, they may not for you! But it does not hurt to try and see!


Thailand Pro MMA Sparring - Inside Look @ AKA Thailand

Aug 31, 2019

During my time in Phuket, Thailand, I dropped by AKA Thailand to do some MMA sparring with their pro MMA athletes! I got to move around and do some technical sparring with some of the fighters, and I also had to bang it out with others (who were preparing for fights). Overall very nice and respectful people and a very beautiful gym!


Breakdown MMA Wrestling & Teammate's Title Fight

Jun 15, 2019

Today's episode of MMA Athlete Day to Day, I will be breaking down some MMA wresting. Me and my partner go light with the strikes but hard with the wrestling! I will then be breaking down teammate Ben's title fight (for those who have not been following this series, in episode 2 we were training for his fight).


Why MMA Fighters Can Outstrike Elite Kickboxers In MMA

Apr 27, 2019

Today I'll be going through how MMA striking is different from traditional striking disciplines like Kickboxing, Muay Thai or Boxing. And because of all these solid reasons, elite kickboxers like Gohan Saki, Mirko Cro Cop, and Duane Ludwig were outstriked in an MMA bout.

If this topic interested you or you want to learn a bit more about MMA striking, then please go access the exclusive full mini-series here!


Grappling with the BEST - Inside Look @ Tristar Gym

Mar 23, 2019

It's the weekend again and I have one more "Inside Look @ Tristar Gym" video for you! Part 3 is all on me grappling and wrestling with the guys at Tristar. I got to grapple with elite BJJ competitors like Ethan Crelinsten, UFC fighter Alex Garcia, Bellator fighter Mandel Nallo, as well as, many other professional athletes! I was lucky enough that Firas allowed me to film for a week, so I hope you guys have been enjoying the footage I've got at Tristar. I am now going to Tristar every Tuesday to train indefinitely to be part of Aiemann Zahabi's fight camp, but unfortunately, I won't be able to film it.

In the following weekends, you can expect more striking/BJJ tutorials, breakdowns of UFC fighters and MMA Athlete Day to Day vlogs!

If you are interested in upping your MMA, kickboxing, Muay Thai, wrestling or jiu jitsu game, you should invest in The MMA Striker.


Sparring Firas Zahabi - Inside Look @ Tristar Gym

Mar 16, 2019

This weekend's video is another Inside Look @ Tristar Gym! This video is focused on my one on one training with famous coach Firas Zahabi. During my visit to Tristar, I had the opportunity to spar, roll and hit pads with Firas, I even got to eat dinner with him! He is such a high level coach and I learned so much from him.

Firas has invited me to come spar his brother Aiemann Zahabi every Tuesday to help prepare for his UFC fight in May against Vince Morales, so I will be getting more training in at Tristar!


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