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Solo Training Bundle Easy Payment Plan

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The Solo Training Bundle includes two programs to help you improve your game:

  • Solo Heavy Bag Training
  • Solo Striking Technique & Conditioning Program

The Solo Heavy Bag Training includes 11 complete follow along heavy bag workouts with a BONUS MMA round. These workouts are going to help fighters, amateurs, and people looking to just get fit, shed the pounds and increase their power and explosiveness.

The Solo Striking Technique & Conditioning Program is designed for those martial artists looking to increase their fight IQ while staying sharp and conditioned. None of the classes require any equipment, it just requires you to show up!  

Now get the upper hand and unlock the secrets that will give you the competitive advantage in and out of the cage. It is time to invest in YOUR martial arts journey.

Three Reasons to Invest in this Training Bundle:

1. Packed content for serious martial artists and those with fitness goals
These two courses combined have over 340 techniques, combos, drills and counters embedded in high quality videos that are broken down to show the finer details and real-time sparring attempts. 

2. The programs build off each other
Whether you're looking for training on top of your typical gym schedule, or you just want to learn and get in shape on your own, these programs will get you there. They are going to whip you into shape and arm you with the same knowledge competitors in the sport have.

3. Certified and used by me
As a professional fighter and coach, I understand the important aspects and requirements to make it in the sport. These are tools and courses I wish I had in the beginning of my journey to eliminate time wasted and techniques that just don't work.

Solo Heavy Bag Training Chapters:

Beginner Workouts
Pre-Intermediate Workouts
Intermediate Workouts
Advanced Workouts

Solo Striking Technique & Conditioning Program Classes:

Class 1: Defending & Countering Punches (49 min)
Class 2: Low Kick Setups (46 min)
Class 3: Defending & Countering Low Kicks (50 min)
Class 4: Mixing Boxing Combos with Kicks (45 min)
Class 5: Offensive Combos & Body Kick Setups (46 min)
Class 6: Countering the Left Kick to the Body (44 min)
Class 7: Countering the Right Kick to the Body (43 min)
Class 8: Hand Trapping (45 min)
Class 9: Utilizing the Left Teep (46 min)
Class 10: Dealing with Aggressive Fighters (48 min)
Class 11:Dealing with Aggressive Fighters Part 2 (42 min)
Class 12: Setting Up Kicks with Hands (48 min)
Class 13: Setting Up Kicks with Hands Part 2 (45 min)
Class 14: Offensive Combos & Same Side Striking (44 min)
Class 15: Body Punches & High Kick Setups (43 min)
Class 16: High Kicks & How To Counter (49 min)
Class 17: Setting Up Long Knees (45 min)
Class 18: Countering with Boxing & Head Movement (44 min)
Class 19: Single Strikes & Anticipating the Counter (45 min)
Class 20: Out & In/ In & Out Tactics (43 min)
Class 21: Bait & Counter the Counter (45 min)
Class 22: Back-stepping to Southpaw (45 min)
Class 23: Utilizing the Right Teep (46 min)
Class 24: Setting Up Body Shots (43 min)
Class 25: Boxing to Setup Double Leg (44 min)
Class 26: Sprawl & Brawl (48 min)
Class 27: Aggressive Pressure (47 min)
Class 28: Blitz Attacks (44 min)
Class 29: Offensive Uppercut Combos (45 min)
Class 30: Doubling Up Your Kicks (50 min)
Class 31: Closing The Distance (46 min)
Class 32: Switch Hitting Part 1 (49 min)
Class 33: Switch Hitting Part 2 (55 min)

All courses are taught in English