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The MMA Striker

This MMA curriculum is designed for those martial artists looking to keep their fights standing, just like UFC superstars, T.J. Dillashaw, Conor McGregor, and Dominick Cruz. This curriculum covers tactics that I wholeheartedly believe help the striking focused fighter; going through both basic and advanced strikes, countering different fighting strategies and styles, important grappling techniques, escaping some of the most dangerous positions if the fight is taken to the ground, and how to stand back up.

Now get the upper hand and unlock the secrets that will give you the competitive advantage in and out of the cage. It is time to invest in YOUR martial arts journey.

Five Reasons to Invest in The MMA Striker:

1. 19 in-depth chapters that are supported by over 24 videos that will help give you the upper hand in your martial arts journey

2. 200+ tips and tricks to help strengthen your MMA game and fight IQ
I will explain when to use certain techniques depending on the scenario or the type of opponent, while answering some of the most common questions, such as, how to deal with counter fighters, aggressive fighters, southpaw fighters, and taller opponents

3. My FULL low kick game
You know how much I LOVE a good low kick, and you too can learn my 28 top secret advanced tactics on how to attack and dominate the lower body

4. When and how to execute various types of takedowns in MMA, as well as, how to defend the most common takedowns
These critical techniques are necessary in understanding how to keep the fight standing or learning to get back up whether you're at the gym or on the streets

5. Real-time sparring footage
If you are new to my content, you will quickly learn that I am a coach that strongly believes in passing on techniques that actually work - that's why my content is supported by real time sparring footage

My curriculum is packed with proven techniques that work! I hope this curriculum will not only strengthen your striking abilities, but open your mind to how diverse and innovative striking can be.

Chapters included are:

Chapter 1: The MMA Stance (5:13)
Chapter 2: Basic Offence (13:08)
Chapter 3: First Line of Defence (8:57)
Chapter 4: Second Line of Defence (5:29)
Chapter 5: Third Line of Defence (3:03)
Chapter 6: Countering with Long Guard (7:43)
Chapter 7: Countering with Head Movement (4:12)
Chapter 8: Countering with Turtle Guard (6:38)
Chapter 9: Low Kick Strategies (7:48, 5:28, 8:47)
Chapter 10: Dealing with Aggressive Brawlers (10:45)
Chapter 11: Pressure Tactics & Fighting in the Pocket (13:46)
Chapter 12: Dealing with Counter Fighters (6:50)
Chapter 13: Fighting Southpaws (4:45)
Chapter 14: Advanced Tactics & Fakes (14:03)
Chapter 15: Takedowns from Clinch (8:04)
Chapter 16: Takedowns from Under and Over Clinch (7:54)
Chapter 17: Takedowns from the Outside (9:10)
Chapter 18: Takedown Defences (15:50)
Chapter 19: Ground Game (7:01, 7:07, 4:52, 8:09)