$149.99 USD

50 Heavy Bag Technique & Conditioning

 This training program consists of 50 unique heavy bag workouts! It includes over 100 different combinations on the heavy bag, and I guarantee you will see progress if you use this program consistently. 

As you complete each workout, the difficulty of the technique, rhythm and pattern increases.

You'll get full access to: 

✅ 50 Follow Along Workouts On The Heavy Bag

✅ 100+ Techniques & Combinations

✅ Completely Independent Training, No Partner Required

✅ Detailed Instruction with Breakdown, Explanation & Real Time Sparring Footage (Video & Audio Format)

If you're looking to supplement your training, become stronger, get in peak shape, or train on your own and progress quickly, this program is for you. 

Feel free to begin the program by going through the beginner workouts for a couple weeks. Then when you feel comfortable, progress to the more difficult ones.

All workouts are taught in English. 

What People Are Saying:

I've purchased almost all of your courses. So far, I'm loving the new 50-workout punching bag course. The progression and explanations are clear. A lot of value for the price!

Matthew T

I am absolutely loving the breakdowns! Can’t wait to get on the bags tomorrow morning while the kids are sleeping.

Rob N

Started today, it’s awesome as always. With my trainer, it is traditional, beautiful Muay Thai - so I love adding your style to it. Great stuff🙏

Dave Jales

Loving it! I was looking for drills I could do by myself and integrate in my routine. This is exactly what I was seeking and I can see clearly their applications. I've been a long time musician and I know the importance of practicing basics over and over again.

Eric Lalumiere

This is spectacular! Thank you again for the world class instruction.

Robert Macdonald