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MMA Level Up

Save today by purchasing a bundle

The MMA Level Up Bundle includes two programs to help you improve your game:

  • The MMA Striker
  • Prep to Spar & Fight

The MMA Striker is a full curriculum designed for those martial artists looking to keep their fights standing. It covers 200+ tactics that help the striking focused fighter; going through both basic and advanced strikes, countering different fighting strategies and styles, important grappling techniques, escaping some of the most dangerous positions if the fight is taken to the ground, and how to stand back up.

The Prep to Spar & Fight training program will help ease you into sparring or your next fight by helping you improve your reaction, timing, and mindset. This training tool is broken into two different main sessions, offers 24 effective drills, and should be practiced 2-3 times a week. 

Now get the upper hand and unlock the secrets that will give you the competitive advantage in and out of the cage. It is time to invest in YOUR martial arts journey.

Three Reasons to Invest in this Training Bundle:

1. Packed content for serious martial artists and those with fitness goals
These two courses combined have 19 in-depth chapters and two main drilling sessions supported by over 35 high quality videos that are broken down to show the finer details and real-time sparring attempts. 

2. The programs build off each other
Begin your training with The MMA Striker where you will learn all the most effective techniques for the striking-focused fighter. You will learn different techniques for various scenarios, types of opponents, dealing with counter fighters, aggressive fighters, southpaw fighters, and taller opponents.

Once you have a solid foundation and grasp of these concepts, you will apply them in the Prep to Spar & Fight program where you will be drilling with a partner and figuring out which techniques work the best for your style. Drilling is critical to better reaction times, mental preparation, and gaining more confidence. 

3. Certified and used by me
As a professional fighter and coach, I understand the important aspects and requirements to make it in the sport. The MMA Striker is a program I wish I had in my earlier years of training to provide more structure and understanding of crucial techniques. The Prep to Spar & Fight are all drills I continually use to help build better response times in sparring and pro fights. Each Chapter and Drill has a main focus, which allows you to understand where your struggles may lie, and how to overcome them. In addition, we all know how crucial the heavy bag is to our training. These workouts are what I do to stay fit and conditioned. 

The MMA Striker Chapters:

Chapter 1: The MMA Stance (5:13)
Chapter 2: Basic Offence (13:08)
Chapter 3: First Line of Defence (8:57)
Chapter 4: Second Line of Defence (5:29)
Chapter 5: Third Line of Defence (3:03)
Chapter 6: Countering with Long Guard (7:43)
Chapter 7: Countering with Head Movement (4:12)
Chapter 8: Countering with Turtle Guard (6:38)
Chapter 9: Low Kick Strategies (7:48, 5:28, 8:47)
Chapter 10: Dealing with Aggressive Brawlers (10:45)
Chapter 11: Pressure Tactics & Fighting in the Pocket (13:46)
Chapter 12: Dealing with Counter Fighters (6:50)
Chapter 13: Fighting Southpaws (4:45)
Chapter 14: Advanced Tactics & Fakes (14:03)
Chapter 15: Takedowns from Clinch (8:04)
Chapter 16: Takedowns from Under and Over Clinch (7:54)
Chapter 17: Takedowns from the Outside (9:10)
Chapter 18: Takedown Defences (15:50)
Chapter 19: Ground Game (7:01, 7:07, 4:52, 8:09)

Prep to Spar & Fight Chapters:

Part 1: Striking Prep to Spar & Fight Drills (42 minutes)
Part 2: Grappling Prep to Spar & Fight Drills (25 minutes)

All courses are taught in English